Top 5 different ways to use the amazing kitchen tool – The SPIFTER

Do you love to have the latest and greatest kitchen tools and gadgets?

There are a few chosen chefs, bakers and cooks that love versatility and variety in their cooking and derive great pleasure in sharing their masterpieces with their guests.  You will love these fun ideas.

The SPIFTER is known as one of the go to baking utensils for its impressive precision in decorating cakes, cookies, petit-fours and cupcakes, however, it can be used for other kitchen tasks as well. Read on to discover an alternative 5 ways to use the SPIFTER that you may not have considered with this handy kitchen gadget.

1)    To strain tea

The SPIFTER is a great device for straining tea, especially loose leave tea. Simply put your tea leaves into the fine mesh sieve and pour over your hot water and viola… easy and clean. No faffing with filter paper or tea bags that break.

2)    Add that extra spice

This amazing kitchen utensil does not just need to be used for frosting. The mesh sieve is fine enough for spices to sift through too making it a great kitchen accessory for dressing up a hot meal with some extra spice. You can sprinkle some extra Cajun on the sour cream side to your hot Jambalaya. You can add some extra paprika to your fiery curry. The possibilities are endless. But this handy kitchen tool is here to help you get creative.

3)    To top off hot drinks & cocktails

The SPIFTER does not only decorate food but drinks as well. In winter, use this kitchen tool to add cocoa, cinnamon or nutmeg to your hot chocolates and eggnogs. In the summer, sprinkle some fresh mint on the top of your Mojito or some spicy pepper to your Bloody Mary.

4)    All about breakfast

Don’t forget about breakfast when it comes to adding that final touch. Pancakes look great with a final coat of frosting sprinkled on top. Fire up your eggs with a dusting of spice to go with Mexican hot sauce. Shower some herbs over your hash browns for that extra bit of pizzazz.

5)    Add that extra flavor

As was mentioned above, herbs can sift through the mesh sieve on the SPIFTER meaning you can add a dash of herbs to the top of your meals. Imagine a tasty lamb chop sprinkled with mint herb. How about a tomato salad with a dusting of basil? It not only adds flavor but is the perfect finishing touch.

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